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October 18th, 2009 by admin

Soundscape is a community music project based in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. We design and deliver a variety of music making opportunities for people with a learning disability. Our aim is to make participation in music making and performance available to people regardless of their means, disability, geography, education, age or experience.

The Role of Soundscape is to:

  • Stimulate interest and appreciation in Music throughout the Brothers of Charity organisation
  • Promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of music amongst people with learning difficulties
  • Assist in improving standards in music in BOC and amongst people with learning difficulties


  • Affirm and promote the value of music & disability in society and more specifically in the Brothers of Charity Services
  • Assist composers and musicians in realizing their artistic ambitions through our programme
  • Make it possible for people with learning difficulties to extend and enhance their experience of music
  • Ensure a vibrant and stable music community within the Brothers of Charity Services
  • Ensure the Brothers of Charity work effectively to support the development of the music programme within the services

We do this by:

  • Delivering high quality workshops and master classes in music
  • Having dedicated centers of excellence in music through the services
  • Ensuring a spatial approach to access for our clients by running the programme in seven locations in the County of Galway
  • Working with excellent music tutors and ensuring their own career development through our music programme
  • Having concerts each year to ensure that members of the public can access and appreciate musicians with disabilities through high quality performances.
  • Ensuring the use of good instruments and having dedicated storage and rehearsal space
  • Linking in with the broader community and particpating in local arts activities on a broader level to increase an awareness of what we do.

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